Saturday, August 30, 2014

Landscape Impressions

Landscape Impressions

Mist of Magic   watercolour   Ruth Hayes
size 15"x22"

To dream ad-midst nature-- perhaps to find colours, shapes, lines and images to light a spark that give meaning to aimless wanderings.  Living in a large urban city finding the time each day  for those aimless wanderings can be difficult. Having a dog to walk helps a lot. I am very grateful to live so close to the lake. The vast expanse of space as the the sky meets the water is always a wonder. The play of waves against the shore is music that soothes and calms and the sky is an ever-changing light show. Perhaps it is this light show that I find most challenging. In observing some paintings I've worked on over the summer there is a theme of landscape and light and the absolute magic it can create. Light on the rock, on the water, in the morning fog or evening mist and I can only conclude it has been a beautiful summer.
  With Fall around the corner I have a new series of watercolour classes starting in September. A few of my new landscape impressions can be see in Shamanstree Gallery.

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