Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet the Artist and the art

"They're angels now" - a comment I heard more than once around the tragic accident that took the lives of my two beautiful granddaughters. The comment rattled around in my psyche and more than once hit my angry mental response that I didn't care, I just wanted them in physical form that I could see, touch and hug. And of course this all found it's way into my painting and probably has been there all along. Artist's are often terrified of showing their work  because it is so intertwined with their heart and soul and  it feels that way about this show but I felt challenged to do it somehow. Saturday morning September 22nd at Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre between 9:30-11:30am there will be an exhibit of paintings  "A Question Of Angels". The centre is located at 28 Fairlawn Ave. 5 blocks north of Lawrence, just west of Yonge St.. The paintings explore the questions and like a poem or a strain of music, whisper images that evoke but give no answers. We are human but it is through the arts that we can sometimes touch other realms our logical brains cannot. I feel truly grateful for the wonderful support that has been offered this past year and the people whe make up the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre have been terrific. I have taught classes at the centre for many years and feel adopted by the Yonge-Lawrence neighbouthood. I would love to see you if you can make it.