Sunday, June 14, 2020

National Arts Drive June 20th
RAW Drive by Art Exhibit
Location Ruth E. Hayes
17 Fernwood Park Ave.

I will be part of the drive by, walk by, National Arts Drive.
This Saturday, June 20th- go for a walk in the Beach and throughout Toronto and see some art.
Art will be displayed by participating artists on frontporch,
yard, driveway whatever. No contact, just enjoy the art.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Painting in Isolation

      How often have creative types wished for a time of isolation with no distractions and only endless days to paint, write, or compose?   It is also said to be careful of what you wish in case it manifests.  Alone with time to do nothing but paint I found myself as human as anyone else floating disoriented in a scary new world and glued to news on the TV screen. It took some time before I realized "normal" was not going to return immediately and when it did it would be a "new normal". A bit daunting but over the weeks I adjusted to these new circumstances .
     With most art events cancelled, a population in isolation and a crashed economy it  has been a time for many in the arts to pause and reevaluate.. What motivates me as a human, as a creative being and what emeges from a time that seems collectively to have touched us all?  Respecting my fear I started painting again. I started small and only brought out three small unfinished paintings I thought I could complete each day. Just painting was what mattered. I pulled out unfinished paintings, I threw stuff out, then started new. My space started looking messier and more cluttered. No one to come in and see how chaotic it was and no judgment except my own. My fluffy dog was shedding her winter coat badly but dog groomers were closed. Her fine dog hair floated and collected in corners. Paintings  were piled up on tables and along walls.  Walking into my house from a socially distanced walk one day I noticed that my house looked like a true artist's abode. It felt satisfying. To create in isolation with no feedback of peers, or a public. Interesting.

I soon noticed however there was still the internet and artists were wasting no time reinventing themselves. I'm learning zoom. I'm learning to teach using zoom.  We are social beings,
There are still ways to connect.

I don't know how the "new normal" will develp but being human there is always hope.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Opportunity to Play

"Forest Light "  watercolour    Ruth Hayes

After painting for many years and working in various media I sometimes wonder why I keep returning to watercolour. Certain media seem to have their decade or so of popularity. Oils have always been popular and it is the media I trained in. Watercolours at some point seemed to be the media of choice and I was sucked in. Acrylics, pastel and mixed media have all fascinated me  and I love them all. But I ask why I return to watercolour . I think it is because of the challenges. When I hear comments such as "unforgiving medium"  "you can't make a mistake" or "hard to control" I question whether we're talking about the same medium. I love the surprise, the not knowing what will happen with the paint, the water and perhaps a bit of salt. Mistakes become "opportunities" and the "not knowing " becomes my expanded knowing as I stay with the process.
I offer ongoing classes in watercolour and you are invited to come and play in the new six week series starting in March.
Monday moring classes or Tuesday morinigs March 9th and 10
10 am- 12pm
Fee $140.00
optional materials fee
Thursday evening class 
March 12th
7:15-9:15 pm

For more information phone 416-699-8609