Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beach Studio Tour Spring 2015

Art that Connects

"Song of Spring"   Mixed Media    Ruth Hayes

 It is less than two weeks from the Beach Studio Tour on the weekend of May 1st, 2nd and 3rd and I 'm asking myself if I can possibly be ready and why am I doing this?  As with many artists I work alone and from my own inner space. It is then scary to put our creations out into the world. However what completes the equation is a connection and sharing of what has been created.
When I get asked how can I open my home and studio I think warmly of all the many warm and lovely connections I have made through meeting and getting to know people who have bought and collected my pieces over many years. I wouldn't know you if I sold only through a gallery or agent. I still have the note from a collector who told me he and his wife had just sold the family home and bought a smaller condo but somehow they had still managed to find a spot for all my paintings they had collected. I treasure my own collection of  handcrafted items and it means a lot to hear that my paintings have touched a chord, been seen, felt, or just enjoyed. The viewer becomes part of the creative equation in the appreciation and observing of an artist's work. A studio tour is a special and unique way of doing so.
I would love to meet you on the The Beach Studio Tour as you visit the different locations of various artists and artisans. Friday night starting at 6:00 pm  I will be holding a wine and cheese reception at my location 17 Fernwood Park Ave.  Saturday and Sunday I will be open 10 am-6pm.  I t would be great to see you during any of these hours. This is a free walking tour in the Beach at a beautiful time of year. Enjoy the Lake, enjoy some art, and enjoy the tour.

Ruth Hayes   Watercolour   Mists of Magic