Sunday, April 4, 2021


                                                             Threads of Light

"Threads of Light"    Ruth Hayes   11" x11" Watercolour 

       Creative spin or is it what drives me to paint?  Another title for the work above might be synchonisity or six degrees of separation.  The work of Piet Mondrian is quite differnt from mine but I have always loved his abstractions and found interesting his statement that the artist is essentially a channel. My images are sometimes ahead of my understanding and this paricular one I have loved but didn't know what to do with it or what it meant.  My life might then mirror or catch up with a painting and its meaning might then be known .  This one had been in my unfinished stack for quite a while as my life continued to unfold and I noticed again and again a wondrous web around me with people and events intertwining and touching in ways I could never have explained.  I still would not try to offer a reason except it is called by different names and many of us have been touched by it at one time or another.  An example might be thinking of a friend from the past and suddenly hearing from them the next day. Other stories are more mindblowing.

     One day I looked at this painting and could see threads of light and dark and colour and knew they connected and sometimes I could glimpse the connection and could be touched by it. I could even name it such as six degrees of separation.  I moved the painting from the unfinished to the finished knowing at the same time that the process would never be finished.