Friday, April 27, 2012

Beach Studio Tour

Ruth Elizabeth Hayes invites you to
the Beach Studio Tour
May 4th, 5th, and 6th

You're invited to my opening Friday night from 6-9pm
or throughout the weekend

As an artist finding a way to share your work can be difficult.  The Beach Studio Tour is a unique way to show my work along with 21 other artists in 12 different locations. It provides an oportunity to connect with those interested in art, discussing art, seeing my dog or just how artists might live. It is also a process of cooperative hard work with other exhibitors of the tour starting months in advance pulling it together and trying to make it an interesting tour. Being an artist a certain amount of chaos is part of my ongoing existence but I do my best to tidy up, finish and frame half-finished works and convert for the weekend my introverted persona into an extovert. It is exhausting, but I keep doing it because I love the people I meet and the friendships that have formed. I hope to see you during the weekend.