Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seeking the Light

The time changed this weekend. It means winter darkness and short days and days of unending grey one after another. Magical days filled with sunlight become treasures to enjoy and perhaps try to capture in a painting. Clear blue skies and the sparkling white of snow are magical vehicles of light. Watercolour is a favorite medium I use to capture the light and transparency of colour and mood.
Even the winter grey's have a depth and  beauty captured so well in watercolour. Some of these will be on display in a new show coming up.
    In celebration of winter and the start of the Holiday Season I am holding a Studio Open house in my home on Sunday, NOVEMBER 27th. It will have some of my latest pieces as well as a new series of small paintings I will be offering. Seasonal cards will also be available and sales and discounts on many pieces. Would love to see you!

Studio Open House
17 Fernwood Park Ave.
Sunday November 27th

416-699-8609 for more infromation

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