Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Inspired by Nature

Abstracting from Nature 

Colour is starting to appear everywhere. It's that time of year. I see a leaf on the ground and have to pick it up. It feels like a little gift of amazing colour that I can hold in my hand. My six year old child emerges and I cannot resist gathering a hand full to carry them home. Some of them find their way into paintings and especially into subject matter for painting classes whether it is about pure abstract colour or amore realistic approach. How did nature get such glazing, such richness, such texture and how would it be done in watercolour or acrylic? Questions and challenges!

A childlike playful approach is encouraged in my workshops. Picasso said something to the effect that as children we are all artists but the problem is growing up and still maintaining that creativity.
Being in nature in awe and wonder awakens the child. Classes and workshops are coming up through October and November covering a variety of techniques  as well as focus.  Check out my class page, sign up and have fun.

The Beach Studio Tour is a Spring and Fall event in which I normally participate, I am not participating this Fall but will attend October 21-23 to support my artist friends who are in it.

I will host a one day open house November 27th, featuring small paintings, cards and matted works. An invitation will soon be issued.

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