Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Watercolours of Fall

Finding colour harmonies whether subtle or bold and experimenting with what colours work to achieve the results you envision is often the challenge of Fall. It's hard being an artist and not be inspired and challenged by the brilliance of the reds and golds as the leaves change. Achieving a balance within a painting so that more subtle browns and greys support the bright colours and not allow them to overwhelm a piece gives rise to the desire to know more about colour. There are several colour theories and the study and mastery of colour is an ongoing joy. An exploration of colour and how to use them and combine them seems to be an area of  study that comes naturally with the arrival of Fall in my classes.

Fall classes will be starting soon. I run six week sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and they will be starting September 11th and September 13th. The classes are small and my approach to teaching is to inform but also support each student in finding their individual expression. Developing skills are always important and an ongoing endeavor, but equally important is being creative, intuitive, having fun and exploring watercolour as a medium. I welcome beginners and more advanced to bring their imagination and artist child. If you'd like more information please phone or email shamanstree@gmail.com.

   As the breath of light awakens colour
 may the dawn annoint your eyes with wonder"