Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pine River Retreat

The light dances and shimmers on the trees and river and it feels  magical on a warm Summer afternoon. It's quiet and peaceful as I paint , read a book, or stare at the water. This beautiful place is a friend's cabin located on Pine River in the Mulmer Hills area northwest of Toronto. Pine river is one of many small rivers and streams whose existence could be threatened if a large mega-quarry opens in the the surrounding area. It will go far below the existing water table for the area, thus affecting many small rivers and streams, not to mention that it will destroy prime Ontario farm land. Much of toronto's food comes from this area.
There is an effort to bring awareness of the situation to Toronto. Coinciding with the Fall Beach Studio Tour this Sept 19th, 20th, and 21st there will be a "SoupStock" and also an Artist's against the Mega-Quarry art exhibit. Studio Tour artists if they wish will be offering support and aligning with the effort. At my home studio for the weekend I will be donating proceeds from certain paintings to ndact. These paintings will be those specifically inspired by the  beautiful scenery of the affected area. In a year of drought and crop shortages study and thought needs to be given to any mega-Quarry that could so profoundly affect our food and water.