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Acrylic work on Canvas

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1.  Ruth Hayes  "Summer Invitation " 
 Watercolour  $395.00

2.  Ruth Hayes "Questions and Answers "
  Mixed Media   15"x 21"  $595.

3.  Ruth Hayes "Dance of Northern Lights" 
 Watercolour  22"x30" 

4.  Ruth Hayes "Awesome" 
Watercolour, 13"x15" 

5.  "Blue Jug with Pears"   Ruth Hayes
Mixed Media   11"x14"   $400.

6.  "Lilacs"   Ruth Hayes
Mixed Media  11"x14"   $400.

7.  "Breathing the Earth"    Ruth Hayes
Watercolor  11"x14"   SOLD

8.  "Snow Country"  Watercolour  15"x 21"Ruth Hayes  $350.

9.  "Silence of Snow"  watercolor   11"x14"   $350.

10.  "Winter Skies"  Ruth Hayes      Watercolour 15" x 22"    $500.  

11.  Ruth Hayes    "Spring Memory" 
 Watercolour  5"x7"  $150..

Ruth Hayes  "Misty Morning"   16"x 20"
Watercolour      $325.00

12.    Ruth Hayes  "Forest Light"   15"x22"
  Mixed Media     Sold

13.  "Summer Flower Pot"
Watercolour  7"x11"   $210.00

14.  Ruth Hayes  "Joy"   
Watercolour  7"x11"     $210.00

15.   " Lockdown Blues"   Ruth Hayes   
Watercolour $300.        

16.  Ruth Hayes   Threads of Light    Watercolour $350.

17.  Ruth Hayes "Blue Angel"   
11"x15" Watercolour   $350.  

18.  Ruth Hayes  "Contained by Light" 
Watercolour  $500.

19.  'Just Joy"   Mixed Media  Ruth Hayes
15" x 21"    $595.00

20"Autumn Gold" Ruth Hayes
Watercolour  11"x14"  $350.

21.  "Magical Light"   Watercolour   
11"x15"     $395.

22.  "Fresh Start"    Mixed Media   
15x21"    $595.

23.  "From a Distance"    Ruth Hayes         
Watercolour  15"x 21"     $595.

"Abstracted Floral" by Ruth Hayes
Watercolour 11x14"  $350.

"Art of the Heart"  Mixed Media
Watercolour  Collage  11"x14"  $395.

Rainy Day   Ruth Hayes   
Watercolour  Collage   11"x15"  $350

"Woods of Wisdom"   Watercolour collage  15"x21"    $595

"Ashbridges Bay Sunset"   15"x21" 
Watercolour     $500.


"Container of Dreams" Ruth Hayes  $350
11"x14" watercolour

"Blue Clarity"     Watercolour  15 x 22"       $500.00

"Urban Park"   Watercolour collage  15"x22"   sold


Cold Beauty
Watercolour     21"x30"  $900

Tree of Life   Ruth Hayes
watercolour  21"x21"   $900.

"Spirit Serenade" Watercolour
11"x15"     Sold

Hint of Mystery  Watercolour
14" x 21"  $500.

"Emerald Display" Watercolor  10"x16"    $400..

"Glow of Northern Lights" watercolour
11"x15    400.

"Garden Abstract" Ruth Hayes
Mixed Media  12"x12"

 Earth Wisdom    Watercolour   Ruth Hayes
22"x 30"

"End of Day"  Watercolour
by Ruth Hayes  11"x15"   $350.

Pine River Summer
Watercolour    22"x15"  $500.00

WORKS on CANVAS in Acrylic

Colour Poem      Acrylic   24"x24"    $600.

Season Change      Acrylic    24"x24"   $600.