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Acrylic work on Canvas

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"Regeneration"  Ruth Hayes  15 X 22"  Watercolor  595.

"Rocky Beach"        Watercolour        15"x 21"         $595. 

"Crone Mother"     Ruth Hayes     Watercolour     15" x 22"    $695.

Silent Earth"    Watercolour collage  Ruth Hayes  16"x23"   $750.

Tree Mother  Ruth Hayes     Mixed Media   $750.

"Nature's Love"    Watercolour   Ruth Hayes     $700.

"Heart of the Forest"  Watercolour  Ruth Hayes   $600.

"Tree Spirit"   Ruth Hayes  Watercolour   22"x24"   $750.

"Ashbridges Bay Sunset"    Watercolour     $500.

"Magical Light"   Watercolour    11"x15"     $395.

"Fresh Start"    Mixed Media   15x21"    $595.

"Splashing Waves "             Watercolour   15"x21"          $500.

"From a Distance"             Watercolour             15"x 21"     $595.

"Floral Abstract"    Watercolour    11"x14"

"Winter Brilliance"   watercolour    11"x15"    $350.00

"Winter Willows"    Watercolour   7"x14"   Sold

"Dancing Colour"   Mixed Media   $350.00

"Mountain Light"           Watercolour         $500.00

"Art of the Heart"  Mixed Media   11"x14"  $395.

"Blue Calm"              Watercolour        15 X 22"      Sold

Rainy Day   Ruth Hayes   Watercolour   11"x15"      $350

"Woods of Wisdom"   Watercolour collage  15"x21"    $595

"Blue Clarity"     Watercolour  15 x 22"       $500.00

"Spring Breeze"         Watercolour     15"x 22"    $595.

"Winter's Glow"    watercolour      13" x 21"  sold
"Urban Park"   Watercolour collage  15"x22"   sold

"Dreams and Memories"  Watercolour collage
11"x15"    $375.00

September Time  
Watercolour  16"x16"

Cold Beauty
Watercolour     21"x30"

"Song of Spring"   Ruth Hayes     Mixed Media Collage
15"x 22

"Winter Trees"  Ruth Hayes   Watercolour
size 15"x 22" Sold

Tree of Life   Ruth Hayes
watercolour  21"x21"   $900.

"Spirit Serenade" Watercolour
11"x15"     $375.00

"Display of Morning Light"  Watercolour
15"x 22"       sold

"Earth Angel"  Mixed media  Ruth  Hayes
11"x14" unframed    Sold

"Poetic Muse"      Watercolour      Ruth Hayes
11"x14" unframed size

"Climbing the Rocks"  by Ruth Hayes
Watercolour     size 11"15"  sold

Hint of Mystery  Watercolour
14" x 21"

Lilac Collage
Watercolour 11"x15"

"Moving Through Layers" Watercolour collage
Ruth Hayes   15"x 22"    $595.00

"Morning Fog'  by Ruth Hayes
Watercolour    15"x 22"
$500.00 framed

"Mist of Magic"   by Ruth Hayes
Watercolour   15" x22"

"Hearts and Flowers'
Watercolour   15"x20" image size  

 Earth Wisdom    Watercolour   Ruth Hayes
22"x 30"

"Bird of Paradise'
Watercolour   14"x20" image size  
$500 framed

"Lady in Gold"  Watercolour    Ruth Hayes
15"x 11"   $350.00

"Walking the Dog"   Watercolour   sold

"End of Day"  Watercolour   11"x15"

Pine River Summer
22"x15"           $500.00

WORKS on CANVAS in Acrylic

Colour Play     Acrylic   24" x 24"

Colour Poem      Acrylic   24"x24"    $600.

PLAYING AROUND       Acrylic     24 x 24"

Season Change      Acrylic    24"x24"   $600.  

Floral bouquet  Watercolour   11"x15"     $350.