Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Embracing it All

Playing with Mixed Media 

Ruth Hayes   "New Growth"  Mixed media   $500.

     Working with watercolour over many years it has felt important to learn the  rules and different ways of working with it. There are many ways but watercolour is a transparent medium and it has taught me many lessons and perhaps the greatest has been patience and acceptance.  First washes must be allowed to dry before second washes and glazes are added.  The medium often seems to have a will of its own and I have learned to appreciate the flowing and spontaneous surprises it offers.  However there are many wonderful mediums and what happens when they come together?

     Pastel has always been a love. There are some amazing pens and markers on the market today that add exciting line and marks.  Acyrlic or gouache can cover up mistakes or provide dynamic splashes of colour and intensity. What I have found the most fun is collage.  Some cut up pieces of old paintings create interesting juxtapositions of texture and colour.  Then the challenge is to pull it all  together. These works might be on paper, canvas or board.

 It has been fun embracing all the media and some of these efforts will be in the upcoming Beach Studio Tour May 3rd, 4th and 5th this spring.