Monday, March 11, 2013

Returning Light

  Light. I started noticing it in January. It's slow incremental return. It's searing cold beauty on fresh fallen snow. Now it has warmth.  Light and dark. I talk about it as a painting instructor. It can make a painting dynamic and exciting. That could be said about life as well I suppose. Light can't exist without dark, but the struggle between the two at times seems to eclipse all else. Who wins or can they both. Why is it that art is so often a metaphor for life. "Life is short, Art endures".  Maybe. Perhaps the important thing is to create, feeling alive and vital in the struggle to give light and value to what has meaning in the moment. Standing back from the painting the dark helps shape and bring out forms and colour, but it is the light that awakens the magic and warmth. Welcome Spring!
With spring's return comes a new series of classes starting March 19th and 21st. Check classes for more information.
The Beach Studio Tour is the first weekend of May. It is always a fun event.