Sunday, August 30, 2020

                             Pandemic Painting

"Viral Universe"   Watercolour  11"x14 "

                                  Heading into September

 Painters, musicians, performers and many artists are struggling to express and connect in this time of covid. Things are improving but 
not back to "normal" by any means.  On a personal note I have found it a time to paint just for the pure pleasure of creating. No shows and no pressure. That has felt strange but oddly freeing. I create therefore I am.  Simple and basic and reminds me of  an early philosophy course covering Descartes..."I think therefore I am".

     Watercolour classes were to resume in September but as schools reopen there seems to be uncertainty around safety again. Rather than cancel as soon as classes start again they  are being postponed until later in the Fall. The classes are socially distanced and maximum five in a class. It is very hard to plan and because of that the class sessions are being reduced to 4 weeks in length instead of six. Again the focus is on creative fun and developing skills.  It is important to me to keep everyone safe. Check out my class page for more details. 

My web site gallery has some new paintings and feel free to call me with any questions or to arrange a private viewing or class.

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