Monday, October 13, 2014

Time and the Creative Process

Observations on the creative process

This Autumn  the decision was made to slow down a bit and focus more on  my painting. It is easier said than done. For those who see me twice a year during the Beach Studio Tour you might have noticed  I am not on the Fall brochure.  I will be back for the Spring Tour and try to participate only once a year. However for those who might like cards and other items for Christmas I will be hosting an open house Sunday November 9th. This will be a relaxed stress free event where come if you like, I will be happy to see you.

It has been  interesting to note how  for me I have to step back and enter into another realm where time gets suspended in order to feel deeply immersed in painting. That is difficult with schedules to meet and the stress of everyday life. Perhaps that is why they say Art is timeless. A painting takes as long as it takes and it varies how long it takes to complete any particular one. What is interesting is watching myself disengage from the world of everyday time and stepping into that other realm. Perhaps I can blame it on the linear world in which we live. Art is often of that dream space. Writing this feels linear where I am trying to organize my thoughts in a coherent manner while thinking of several unfinished paintings calling to me at the moment.
Excuse me while I go paint instead of write.

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