Friday, April 18, 2014


Art is indeed not the bread - but the wine of life. 
Jean Richter

What inspires me to paint?  It could be anything. Light on a hillside. The colour of Fall leaves, children on a beach, a deep unanswerable question within the soul. To paint perhaps to taste the wine, touch the mystery, transcend what is known.  To sip the wine of art is to find that timeless place within. All else falls away.
Many artists have alluded to it. DaVinci talks about when the head, the heart and the spirit are in alignment and creativity seems to flow. Being part of the culture I can fall into the trap of thinking if I only have the right tools, hone my skill, follow the right steps and I will be a better artist. That might be part of it but it is not where the mystery will be found. And it wouldn't be a mystery if I could say where and  how it could be found. Perhaps that is why artist's are considered such an eccentric breed.

My painting will be on display as part of the Spring Beach Studio Tour. Come celebrate Friday evening May 2nd from 6-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday. I am located at 17 Fernwood Park Ave.
For full information about the tour visit

View these two You Tube videos to get a glimpse of my work and all of the tour:

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