Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Ask

Just Ask

Art is neither a Hobby nor a Profession but a way of being.
Frederick Franc

Tree of Life

The Beach Studio Tour is coming up the weekend of  May 2nd and this tour our web site was redesigned. Participants have been asked to answer three questions about our artistic endeavors. I briefly responded to a few of them but realized I could right a short book about some of the questions. Perhaps a short blog will better serve.
I have been an artist from the time I was 11 or 12, painting whenever I could but never really thinking about it. It was just a "way of being". Certain questions get asked often. How long does a painting take?  Do you paint every day? A question guaranteed to annoy -"Is this just a hobby"? Painting is my life, my love and my profession. I teach, exhibit and sell my paintings, and see private clients. A few of us become famous and wealthy but most artists are grateful to pay the bills, but count themselves lucky in so many other ways. Artists give expression to the dreams and vision of a culture as they live admidst it, sometimes slightly apart. Balancing the dreamer and the professional part is often a challenge. An event such as the studio tour takes a lot of organization and hard work. Finding time for the artist part to finish paintings can be the challenge.
Look forward to our 20th anniversary.

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