Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ending and beginning

Ending and Beginning

      At one point in my life winter was to be endured and hated. There are still moments when it is like that do but it helped a lot when I started finding the beauty in it. That can be said of almost anything in life. It helps to find the hidden blessings.  As artists it can be difficult to start a new painting, spoil that white with first marks and also hard to let it go and call it finished. There are jokes that a painting is never finished as long as it is still in the possession of the painter.
    That seems to be what this Holiday season is all about as it celebrates the end of a year, end of the shortest day but welcomes the rebirth of hope and creating anew. May this season bring joy and creative renewal to all aspects of your coming year.

January is when I offer  new classes and workshops. Although it is easy to hibernate for the winter months it is also a time to brave the cold and be awed by the exquisite light on the lake or the beauty of snow. It's fun to just play with colour and paint trusting that something will emerge. My classes are fun, but informative and students are encouraged to explore their own expression using the medium of watercolour and some mixed media. This winter  two morning classes are offered and one Thursday evening session.
Monday morning six week session starts  January 14th at 10 am
Tuesday morning session starts January 15 at 10 am
Thursday Evening six week session starts January 17th at 7:15 pm.

Check my class page for more details.

Check my Gallery page  for paintings for sale. Please contact me any time with questions about paintings or classes

My wish is that the New Year is happy and creative and full of happiness for you!

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