Sunday, December 27, 2015

Working the Darks in Painting

Working the Dark

Evening Light      Watercolour    Ruth Hayes

Struggling with darks in painting, loving the dark, working the dark all become metaphor. December is the darkest time of the year and getting through the dark days of winter or life can be a challenge. I have had to work hard to say anything good about winter most of my life but started succeeding when I began noticing how beautiful it could be. Without getting too philosophical it is often the contrast, or the light, that becomes all the more vibrant due to the dark. In painting it is the strong rich darks that make the light areas appear luminous and glowing. This is especially true in watercolour.
In other areas it is the dark rich soil that grows the the first shoots of spring, and in the dark night of our sleep that dreams shape new creative visions. So, there it is, might as well work with it, accept it and appreciate dark for the positive that will emerge.
It is also the dawn of a new year. This can be a great time to set new creative goals and work with them in the long nights of winter. Once again I offer a series of six week sessions or one day Saturday workshops. Working with the energy of a group provides extra warmth and enthusiasm. My classes are small and supportive. The six week sessions start Tuesday or Thursday evening January 12th or 14th and the first Saturday workshop is January 23rd.
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May the hopes and visions born in the dark of winter bring you light and happiness in the year ahead.

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