Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Dance of Light

Light That Dances

It's a hot Sunday afternoon as I sit near the water. Some things delight the eye and some things delight the soul but some do both and more. I  live near the lake and have seen it so many times but I never cease to be  entranced by the the dance of light on the water. Everything sparkles in the shimmering light and the artist in me would like to paint it, capture it, put it in a painting. I think of Monet and his ongoing efforts to capture the light. Everything vibrates with light and colour and movement and I think capture is the wrong word. Capture would pin it down and it would be gone. It is free and beyond containment. Hopefully my painting might evoke, elicit, suggest the magic of the summer's day. I could resort to taking a photo. That never does it.
I love the challenge. Art always does more than reproduce a picture. I hope I will remember the warmth and beauty of this moment in the cold grey of January.

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