Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Mystery of Art

The Mystery of ART

"The Most Beautiful Thing we can experience is the mysterious........  "
Albert Einstein

Tree of Life Watercolour - Ruth Hayes
"Tree of Life"     Watercolour  Ruth Hayes
    Having always loved a good mystery must explain I think my total love of the creative process. The mystery occurs not so much in the how to's of painting but where the soul and heart and spirit of being human are stirred and moved and touched. The tools for me are colour, shape, texture and value but for a poet it could be the use of words or a dancer movement. How can a beautiful piece of music send the soul soaring? Looking at the colours in almost any Van Gogh will amaze and delight my eye as well as heart. A mystery is elusive and hard to describe but here I am trying to do so because it drives much of how I paint . As an artist I continually try to improve my skill but am aware that  the excellence of a piece of work might have little to do with highly developed technique. This is why Art is available to all-no experience necessary. It is unconditional in its expression through any and all of us and and a mystery as to how it can speak to one but not another. It is universal but subjective, relative and absolute. Is it any wonder it has me captivated.

     As another winter slowly shifts into Spring a number of my new pieces are trying to resolve their mystery enough to be finished for the Beach Studio tour coming up May 1,2 3.  That might or might not happen. I can only hope. The weekend tour is always fun and I hope to see old friends and new.
"Song of Spring"  Mixed Media  by Ruth Hayes

Follow the Journey with this Video Tutorial
Intuitive Wet in Wet Painting From Start to Finish 

               "Art is a Journey"

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