Saturday, June 16, 2012

Art Rocks

The studio Tour was a great success and I feel deeply appreciative to all who came and helped make it an occasion to celebrate art. I was exhausted and took a needed break as gardening and a suddenly lush and overgrown backyard called for attention  Flowers became my paint of choice.
A new little tree also needed attention. There's a story around community that I find so moving. The death of my two grandchildren has left me struggling over the last months but early this spring a memorial tree was planted in the park close to me coordianted by  my neighbours. They even arranged for a dedication of the tree and when asked what I would like I said the girls loved to paint rocks when they came to visit me. At the dedication some young girls on the street surrounded the tree with beautiful rocks they had painted. I can't look at the tree and the amazing rocks without feeling the love and support of a community and also thinking love and beauty continues to unfold and give of itself beyond what ever can be imagined. Thank you.

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